Karl’s Record

Over the past two years, school boards across the country have been the target of a well-organized, well-funded, national right-wing effort tearing at the foundation of public education.

Despite the hate mail, death threats, and bigoted attacks, Karl has never wavered in his commitment to our students, families, and educators.

During his time on the School Board, he has served as its state legislative liaison and two terms as its Governance Committee chair – the Board’s chief policy-making body.

Karl also represented the Board on the Joint Environmental Task Force (JET), which works with the Board of Supervisors and community partners to address climate and sustainability issues.

His work on the School Board has been recognized with awards from the ACLU, Capital Pride, FCPS Pride, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, and the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers.

Here are some highlights of Karl’s accomplishments:

Addressing COVID Learning Loss

Karl worked with his colleagues to invest more than $188 million addressing pandemic learning loss with increased academic, social/emotional, and mental health supports. We have a long way to go, but recent data from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) indicates FCPS "has made steady progress towards a return to pre-pandemic levels."

Boosting Teacher and Staff Pay

Karl worked with his colleagues to provide teachers and staff with increased pay and bonuses – two years in a row.

Broadening Access to Advanced Academics

Karl worked with his colleagues piloting efforts to expand access to advanced academic programs in every elementary school.

Focusing on Literacy

Karl co-sponsored a successful proposal initiating the School Board’s support for addressing literacy gaps with practices grounded in the science of reading.

Protecting Our Libraries

Karl opposed far-right efforts to ban books. While American public schools banned more than 1,500 this year, Fairfax County Public Schools banned ZERO.

Closing the Gun-Ban Loophole

Karl co-sponsored a successful proposal closing the gun-ban loophole, extending gun prohibitions to ALL school division property.

Preventing Gun Violence

Karl co-sponsored a successful effort to notify parents annually about ways to prevent gun violence and their legal obligation to securely store their firearms.

Keeping Families Together

Karl co-sponsored a successful School Trust Policy protecting immigrant students and families by prohibiting voluntary cooperation with ICE.

Investing in Infrastructure

Karl supported investing more than $245 million in school renovation, construction, and improvement projects throughout the 35th district.

Protecting LGBTQ+ Students

Karl sponsored a successful proposal giving trans and gender-expansive students the strongest protections and supports in Virginia.

Connecting Students with Local History

Karl co-sponsored a successful effort to establish a joint historical markers contest with the Board of Supervisors, helping students discover and showcase previously untold narratives of the local African American community.

Removing Confederate School Names

Karl sponsored a successful proposal to rename the final school in Fairfax County carrying a Confederate leader's name.

Creating New Diplomas

Karl sponsored a successful proposal to establish a process for issuing new diplomas to trans alumni who change their names and graduates from schools that were previously named in honor of the Confederacy.

Fighting Climate Change

Karl co-sponsored the successful Joint Environmental Task Force plan to achieve zero waste by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2040 for all school operations.

School Bus Electrification

Karl championed electrification of the school division’s massive diesel bus fleet – working with his colleagues to increase the number of electric school buses by 2,800%.

Helping to Save Blake Lane Park

Karl took advantage of shifting school population growth to relocate a new school construction project initially slated for Blake Lane Park, which was ultimately protected thanks to a very committed community, and given to the Park Authority by the Board of Supervisors.

Creatively Addressing Overcrowding

Karl sponsored a successful proposal to build a new school on existing system property in Dunn Loring – a move that saved money and will ease overcrowding in the Tysons periphery for years to come.

Strengthening Abuse Reporting

Karl sponsored revisions to the school system’s abuse and neglect reporting policy, making it even stronger than required by Virginia law.

Enhancing Oversight

Karl sponsored changes strengthening the school system's conflicts of interest policy for the Superintendent and other senior staff.

Supporting Collective Bargaining

Karl sponsored a successful proposal to reverse the School Board’s 20-year opposition to collective bargaining for teachers and other staff.

Monitoring Screen Time

Karl sponsored a successful proposal to provide parents with details about their child’s screen time and application usage on school division-issued laptops.


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