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Meet Karl

Karl Frisch is an accomplished public policy advocate, elected school board member, and non-profit executive with a record of taking on the hard fights and winning.

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Why I'm Running

We need a progressive fighter in Richmond – someone who will stand up to the far-right and work every day to protect our world-class public schools, defend reproductive freedom, build an economy that works for everyone, prevent gun violence, take bold climate action, and preserve our democracy.

Protecting Our World-Class Public Schools

Karl will fight to ensure every child has access to world-class educators and public schools. He will fight to increase pay for teachers and other school staff, fund access to universal pre-K, reform Virginia funding formulas that disadvantage Fairfax County, provide housing assistance to teachers so they can afford to live in the communities they serve, invest in STEM and related opportunities for students, center equity and inclusion, and address staffing shortages for teachers, bus drivers, and other critical school employees.

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Defending Abortion Access and Reproductive Freedom

Karl will fight to defend abortion access by ensuring Virginia’s constitution explicitly protects reproductive freedom. He’ll also fight to establish comprehensive insurance coverage for reproductive health services, including family planning, abortion care, and prenatal and postpartum care for all Virginians.

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Building an Economy That Works for Every Virginian

Karl will fight to create an economy that works for every Virginian and reestablish the Commonwealth as the best state in the union to do business. He will fight to support collective bargaining rights, increase the minimum wage and index it to the cost of living, increase the supply of affordable housing, help small businesses thrive as they emerge from the pandemic, make childcare more affordable, and provide adequate paid sick, family and medical leave.

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Preventing Gun Violence and Standing Up to the NRA

Karl will fight to prevent gun violence and stop the NRA. He will fight to strengthen Virginia’s secure storage and “red flag” laws, disarm domestic abusers, stalkers, and those convicted of hate crimes, require microstamping and childproofing features for new handguns, and prohibit high-capacity magazines, untraceable “ghost guns,” and assault-style weapons. He will also fight to allow local governments to implement sensible gun laws.

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Taking Bold Climate Action

Karl will fight to boldly address the climate crisis and chart a course for a resilient clean energy future. He will fight to speed up Virginia’s move to 100% carbon-free electricity, transition diesel transit and school buses to electric alternatives, meet the needs of communities impacted by environmental injustice, significantly reduce energy consumption, and invest in green workforce development.

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Preserving Our Commonwealth’s Democracy

Karl will fight to protect voting rights and strengthen our democratic institutions. He will fight to expand legislative oversight, restore voting rights, enhance state open records laws, and enact commonsense campaign finance reform.

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Latest News


LGBTQ Victory Fund Endorses Frisch for Virginia Delegate Because He’ll Fight Youngkin’s Anti-Trans Agenda

Today LGBTQ Victory Fund endorsed School Board member Karl Frisch for Virginia House of Delegates in the 35th district special Democratic primary election on October 8.


Frisch Will Run for Virginia Delegate Seat Vacated by Keam

Following news that Delegate Mark Keam is stepping down to join the Biden administration, Karl Frisch announced his candidacy to fill the 35th district seat, saying he will fight for “a future where no Virginian is left behind” and “stand up to Governor Youngkin and the far-right.”

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